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  • #Speaking
    1) Example
    One of my perennial favorite (singer,food,genre) is...

    2) Benifits ( necessary , important,...)
    - keep fit , stay in shape , get lean
    - Let my hair down

    Do wonder for = benifit sth
    Ex: So, Is learning languages important ?
    - Absolutely, I think learning second languages definitly does wonder for our personal development
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  • #Speaking
    - ( Well actually ) I don't know about other people, but personally I...
    - Something you should know about me is that...
    - I'm very/more ( into/ keen on/ big on ) Thai food... (into ko phải Verb) ( dùng cho câu hỏi Like )
    - When it comes to ( dessert ), I would say that ...

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  • Positive of media
    - Television is the most effective tool to inform children of the latest news and scientific development of all over the world.
    - Television broadcasts recent development of some researches, such as advanced technology, genetic breakthroughs or new computing technology.
    - Stimulate the imagination of children and encourage them to carry out relevant experiments, new findings and achievements in their study.
    - The knowledge in textbooks cannot satisfy children's curiosity and more.
    - Programs like adventures might cultivate children's creativity and the ability to tackle difficulty
    - Programs like geography can teach children knowledge about different and initiate their aspiration to know about the nature
    - Programs about science can inspire children's interest in science and technology and widen children's horizon.
    - We live in the information era, that means our work and life are influenced by a great deal of information.
    - News media is a useful tool for people to collect the important and newest information
    - Watching TV, both local and foreign channels stimulate people to get updated with the things from around the world, which can improve language skill, especially speaking and listening.
    - Some television programs trigger their viewer's imaginative thinking, such as National Geographic or Discovery Channel.
    - And then there are other programs such as BBC news or CNN which could also affect people's way of communication
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  • Negative of media
    - Improper programs on television cause negative impact on the growth of children.
    - The shots about violence, crimes and pornography contents make children walk on the criminal road.
    - Many criminals committing crime because they are adversely affected by daily movies.
    - Their mindset is also changed when they read those bad magazines which are not appropriate to their age.
    - Reading and writing skills of people will be underdeveloped.
    - Instead of reading books or newspapers, they prefer to watch tv or videos to get information and do not have enough patience to read a book from cover to cover.
    - There are thousands of information on the internet, and most of them are rumors
    - Without choosing carefully, people will get misunderstanding and have wrong sense about things.
    - With the development of information technology, our private life is threatened by hacker who can get any personal secrets of anyone and endanger our physical and mental life.
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